Resume: Peter Davis



Senior Designer/Developer/Architect strong in UI/UX design, software architecture and development, and project/team leadership; M.S., Computer Science; Certificate, Human-Computer Interaction; Studied Graphic Design at Mass. College of Art and elsewhere.


  • C++
  • C#/.NET
  • Cache ObjectScript
  • D3
  • Flash/Flex/ActionScript
  • GL
  • Java
  • JavaScript/jQuery/AJAX
  • AngularJS/REST
  • Mac
  • PostScript/PDF
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Unix/Linux
  • UI/UX Design
  • Windows
  • WPF
  • XML


  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMHCo)
    UX Developer, June 2015 – present
  • InterSystems
    UI Developer, September 2012 – May 2015
  • The MathWorks
    Principal Software Engineer, November 2011 – September 2012
  • XMPie, a Xerox company
    Sr. Solutions Specialist, August 2010 – November 2011
  • Vistaprint
    Solution Architect, June 2009 – August 2010
  • Bitstream/Pageflex
    Software Architect, January 1998 – June 2009
  • Xyvision/Contex
    Consulting Engineer, Nov 1993 – Nov 1994 and
    April 1997 – Dec 1997
  • IBM/Lotus Development
    Principal Software Engineer, Oct 1996 – April 1997
  • BBN Educational Technologies
    Software Engineer, Dec 1994 – Oct 1996
  • MIT Center for Educational Computing Initiatives
    Research Associate, Mar 1993 – Nov 1993
  • Digital Equipment Corp.
    Principal Software Engineer, June 1979 – Mar 1993


  • Designed and built seller and admin analytics pages for marketplace site.
  • Designed and built UI for marketplace site.
  • Designed and built dynamic data flow display for monitoring transactions
  • Designed and built UI for Enterprise Manager remote system management tool.
  • Designed and enhanced many pages of the Ensemble management portal, allowing administrators to monitor and control operations across medical facilities and other enterprises.
  • Designed and built components of Report Generator for MATLAB and Simulink.
  • Designed and implemented back-end support for composing and rendering tables.
  • Designed and implemented Flex application for editing text and tables in-place in browser preview.
  • Designed and built UI modification for retail store kiosk.
  • Converted GDI-based rendering to WPF for Web display.
  • Lead architect for InDesign CS4 plugin.
  • Built interactive tools for editing documents in browser.
  • Developed Web service to generate Job Definition Format (JDF)
  • Wrote first draft of PPML, an XML-based standard format for personalized document printing.
  • Designed, built and packaged plug-in mechanism to support 3rd party output drivers.
  • Developed computational geometry algorithms for automatic page layout.
  • Technical leader for TIFF/IT → PDF converter.
  • Project leader for building PostScript-based prepress workflow system.
  • Developed Web site creation tool based on Domino.Action
  • Director of Software Design for award-winning classroom CD, Orcas in Our Midst (Sunburst, 1997).
  • Designed and developed portions of educational and administrative applications for educational use.
  • Designed and developed WinNT port and resource database for AthenaMuse 2, an OO language for authoring educational multimedia.
  • Initiated and led 3-way research in building high-end multimedia authoring tools, with MIT Media Lab and Paws Inc.
  • Project leader for EZ3D, a 3D GUI toolkit layered on GL and Inventor.
  • Awarded in-house R&D grant to develop transactional graphics editing paradigm.
  • Project leader for DECwrite, PRO/SIGHT and other graphics and publishing software.
  • Managed or supervised other developers in pursuing project goals.


PPML: Personalized Print Markup Language, Functional Specification, with PODI Technical Working Group, (2000, 2001, 2002). Available from Print On Demand Initiative (PODI)

PPML (Personalized Print Markup Language): a new XML-based industry standard print language, with Dave deBronkart, PODi, Proceedings of XML Europe 2000, June 2000, pp. 951-960.

Orcas in Our Midst, Sunburst, 1997 - Director of Software Design; Winner: 1999 Best Software of the Past Decade: Readers' Choice Award, Technology & Learning Magazine.


Tufts University
Certificate, Human Computer Interaction

Coursework included Engineering Psychology, Visual Analytics

Massachusetts College of Art

Coursework in communication design, including Communication and Form, Graphic Design II, Animation Design.

New York University
M.S., Computer Science

Computer graphics, operating systems design, compiler design, machine architecture; Thesis, Drawing Wide Lines on Raster Devices, surveyed algorithms for drawing wide lines with different appearance, treatments of corners, etc.

Brandeis University
B.A., Theater Arts

Courses included computer science, physics, linguistics, mathematics,stage design and lighting, acting, directing.